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What in the world is a Hemi Head engine?

When you see a Hemi Head engine for the first time you will probally ask yourself " WOW what in the world is that?"

The hemi is easily identified easily by the shape of the Valve cover.
The cover is very wide. The spark plugs and wires are below a cover located on the center of the cover.

Image of Poly Head

Typical Hemi valve cover.

The Hemi Head engine was the first V8 Chrysler produced for Chrysler Automobiles.
The Hemi engine design is unique. The uniqueniss is in the design of the combustion chamber.
The combustion chamber is Hemispherical in shape.
This 'HEMI' shape allows large intake and exhaust valves.
The valves are at a angle to the cylinder bores which allows very short and direct, gas and exhaust flow through the ports.

Easy In - Easy Out

Below is a cut away view of the chamber area.
Cutaway of Hemi Head

A Quick Time Movie of a male casting of a Hemi 392 Cubic inch Cumbustion chamber.
The large dark depression is the Intake valve head area.
The Light Orange deprssion Is the Exhaust valve head area.
The small Dark Orange area is where the spark plug is located.

Hemi Chamber

The Head Chamber

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